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A goal without a plan is just a wish!

Creating A Content Strategy

Whether it’s a single show, a series or an online channel our goal is to create content audiences wants to engage with. The development of your media strategy is critical to the success of content marketing. We work with you in creating a media plan that will achieve your marketing goals, with the budgets you have in the time frame you're looking for.


We work with you to define your content marketing goals, targets and KPI's for a successful marketing campaign.


We help you identify our target audiences wants, likes and needs for targeted one to one communications.


We help identify the best channels to connect with your target market for optimal engagement and interaction. 


We design a production schedule that will deliver resonate media content on time and in budget for multiple online channels.

The Planning Process

Lightbridge Productions bring with us over 19 years of digital marketing know-how and experience. We know and understand the online space intimately and this expertise gets applied to creating a video marketing strategy that works.

The Planning Process

Defining Campaign Goals

Setting goals for your media sets the direction and course of everything that follows. In this process, we work with you to define what business and marketing outcomes you’re looking for. Whether your looking to generate sales, drive social engagement, increase website traffic, or break into new markets, creating measurable criteria for the success of your campaign will lead to launching a successful campaign that delivers a return on your investment.

Audience Research and Analysis

Once the marketing goals have been defined we then need to turn our attention to your audience. Who are they? What do they want and need? Where do they hang out online? Why would they want to engage with your content? In this stage we develop an in-depth understanding into your target market so that we can produce media concepts that captures their interest, talks their language and meets their needs. 

Channel Selection

Today there are multiple channels that can be used to reach your target market.  Each of these offers a unique style, approach, and environment for your media content.  In this phase, we research and identify the most suitable social networks, blogs/forums, and online media for your campaign to ensure your content reaches the right people in the right format at the right time.

Concept Development

With the goals set, audiences identified and the channels selected we now move into the content development stage of your video marketing plan. This stage integrates your brand, messaging, and points of differentiation (story), into a video/media concept that is designed to capture the interest, engagement, and interaction of your target audience.

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